Public Enemy – Nothing Is Quick In The Desert (Except Death) (Album Stream)


Public Enemy release their new album Nothing Is Quick In The Desert (Expect Death). Here is what Chuck D had to say about the album!

“It was best to do it now as opposed to later on in the year. This is our 30th year as Public Enemy. Doing a Public Enemy record 30 years later was key. We’ve been working on it all along with the Prophets of Rage record. What more can we ask for from our fans that have been dedicated to us for 30 years? This one’s on us. If the internet is here, what’s our proper use for the internet? Is it a toy or a tool? There are so many ways to tie the world together. It’s called the world wide web and you can web people for good, too. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time. We had to wait for the world to catch up. We did the first downloadable album ever There’s A Poison Going On in 1999. Public Enemy helped usher in the internet age in Hip Hop. We are a part of that revolution that introduced the internet to everybody from a musical standpoint. It’s 30 years later and almost 20 years since we first got engaged with the internet, and we’re releasing another record. There are five stages of every record song, recording performing, belief of the song and bleeding the song. It’s a five stage process that I’ve put into any song I do. Recording is not just enough. It never is or never should be easy. Art is a matter of tastes. Everyone has all kinds of tastes, especially now. There are more diverse tastes out there in culture and arts than ever before. Have to stay strong to your beliefs no matter what and be able to defend it, bend it and beat them all.”


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