RetcH Talks Growing As A Man & More With Mass Appeal!


Dope interview with the One N Only RetcH!!

“I’m on my grown man shit,” RetcH explained when he stopped by MASS APPEAL HQ one evening late last year. “It’s cool to make that transition. It’s cool to grow and learn and look back and do things differently.” In his first interview since returning home from an eight-month probation violation bid, the artist formerly known as RetcHy P kicked back in the studio reflecting on how far he’s come since his early days in the rap game, wilding out in the streets and splashing it all over the internet. “You learn self-control and you get more responsible,” he says. “You go through different things, you learn shit, you change, you grow up.” Fresh off the release of his ’Still Up’ EP, the singular New Jersey rapper spoke on his stylistic journey thus far from ‘Polo Sporting Goods’ to ‘Lean and Neck’ to ‘Finesse the World’—a sound that was echoed in his recent SoundCloud special “Slop Trays.” “As an artist I like to try different things, try different and shit and just test myself,” he says. The journey continues. Upward.


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